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You need to know about Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes

Pulished on Oct. 22, 2019

  Top Ten Advantages of Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes

  1. The vacuum blood collection tube is made of plastic material, which is light in weight, pressure-resistant, non-fragile, easy to transport, and ensures the safety of medical personnel.

  2. The whole blood collection process is a closed system, which is hygienic and safe, ensuring that medical personnel is not exposed to infectious sources.

  3. All vacuum tubes are equipped with safety caps to prevent unclean sprays.

  4. Anticoagulant tube additive is spray/dry powder/liquid, which is the most effective anticoagulation.

  5. The vacuum in the vacuum blood collection tube is accurate and reliable. All additives are automatically added, accurate loading, avoiding the disadvantage of manual addition of poor repeatability, thus ensuring accurate results and good repeatability.

  6. The color of the safety cover conforms to international standards, which makes it easy to distinguish the difference of additives in the tube.

  7. The test tube specifications conform to international standards and are fully applicable to various automated analyzers.

  8. The vacuum tube is complete in variety and can meet the blood collection requirements of all laboratories. It can complete the collection of all test samples and reduce the pain of patients.

  9. The vacuum tube has a long shelf life of up to 18 months.

  10. The vacuum tube incineration products are carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, which will not produce toxic gases. The incineration residue is 0.2%, which is an environmentally friendly product.

You need to know about Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes

Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes

  Sterile Vacuum Blood Collection Tube vacuum pumping device manufacturing method

  The invention provides a vacuuming device for a medical vacuum blood collection tube device, which solves the problem that the vacuum control of the existing medical vacuum blood collection tube device is difficult to accurately grasp the vacuum degree.

  The vacuum pumping device of the medical vacuum blood collection tube comprises a rack and a vacuum box, the rack has a storage platform, the vacuum the box is located above the storage platform, and the bottom of the vacuum box is open; the rack is fixed with the first one capable of driving the vacuum box up and down movement The driving source, the vacuuming device further includes a vacuum release pipe assembly and an evacuation pipe assembly that can communicate with the vacuum chamber interior.

  The vacuum pumping device for medical vacuum blood collection tube is suitable for automatic conveying of the vehicle, automatic cover/vacuum box, automatic vacuuming, automatic pressure capping and automatic release of vacuum; therefore, the vacuuming device is suitable for fully automated processing of medical vacuum blood collection tube system. in.

  The vacuum blood collection tube is a vacuum negative blood collection tube; there are 9 types of common vacuum blood collection tubes. The difference is that the additives applied to the inner wall of the blood collection tube and the blood collection effect is different and can be distinguished according to the color of the hat. Vacuum blood collection tubes typically include a blood collection tube for containing serum and a sealed cap for sealing the blood vessel orifice.

  There are many related pieces of literature on the structure and manufacturing method of vacuum blood collection tubes, such as the vacuum blood collection tube and the manufacturing method thereof described in the Chinese patent the document, which comprises vacuuming a blood collection tube and achieving a required degree of vacuum and a blood collection tube. Add the sealing plug step.

  The blood collection tube vacuuming process is a very important production process in the vacuum blood collection tube manufacturing method. In the prior art, although there are many types of vacuuming devices, they are not suitable for automated processing of medical vacuum blood collection tubes. Therefore, the existing blood collection process of the blood collection tube can only manually put the vacuum tube into the vacuum system, manually extract it, and then manually remove it after completion. In the vacuum extraction process, manual control is difficult to accurately grasp the degree of vacuum and manual or semi-automatic equipment vacuuming is easy to cause air leakage; manual assembly of various medical accessories, blood collection tube parts are contaminated by human hands, and assembly efficiency is low, Production is slow.

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