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What are the Benefits of Using Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes?

Pulished on Jun. 16, 2020

As a Serum Tube Factory, share with you. Many medical devices are used clinically, for example, blood collection tubes are used when collecting blood samples from patients. In order to ensure the health and safety of everyone, many hospitals will use disposable vacuum blood collection tubes, one for each patient. Blood collection tubes can achieve a high degree of hygiene and are liked by many doctors and patients. So what are the benefits of using a Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes?

Sterile Vacuum Blood Collection Tube

Sterile Vacuum Blood Collection Tube

1. Avoid staff contact with the source of infection

Many patients' diseases may be contagious. Before the diagnosis is made, the patient's blood is a way of transmission. If the staff uses a disposable vacuum blood collection tube to draw blood from the patient, they can avoid contact with the blood a lot because The one-time vacuum blood collection tube with exquisite selection is largely in a closed state.

2. Avoid contamination of the patient's blood samples

The vacuum inside the disposable vacuum blood collection tube, as long as the patient's blood is pumped into the blood collection tube, it will not be exposed to the outside air, plus the efficient disposable vacuum blood collection tube itself is sterilized by high temperature, so when The nurse will not be contaminated by external substances during the process of collecting the patient's blood into the device for analysis, which also promotes the accuracy of the test results.

3. Get a more accurate scale

Disposable vacuum blood collection tubes often have very fine scales during the production process, because different testing physical examination items add different drugs to the blood, so when the disposable vacuum blood collection tubes have accurate scales, they can also make The staff is more accurate in the process of adding the agent.

In summary, it can be known that these benefits can be obtained by using disposable vacuum blood collection tubes. The first is that the use of blood collection tubes can prevent the staff from contacting the source of infection carried by the patient, and can also prevent the patient's blood sample from being contaminated by some external substances, thereby promoting the reliability of the test results. Furthermore, the one-time vacuum blood collection tube has an accurate scale index and can be more accurate when adding medicine.

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