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Interpretation of the Correct Use of the Blood Collection Tube

Pulished on Oct. 14, 2019

  The principle of Evacuated Blood Collection Tube is to pre-extract the blood collection tube with the headcover into different vacuum degrees and use the negative pressure to automatically collect the venous blood samples. The SS Blood Collection Needles penetrates the human vein at one end and inserts the vacuum blood collection tube at the other end. Rubber stopper. The venous blood of the human body is inside the vacuum blood collection tube, and under the action of negative pressure, the blood sample the container is drawn through the blood collection needle, and under one venous puncture, multi-tube collection can be realized without leakage. The volume of the lumen connected to the blood collection needle is small, and the influence on the blood collection volume can be neglected, but the probability of occurrence of countercurrent is relatively small. If the volume of the lumen is large, the vacuum degree of a part of the blood collection tube is consumed, thereby reducing the collection amount.

  The pre-vascular installation check, the emergence of real-time PCR, greatly simplifies the process of quantitative detection and truly achieves absolute quantification. The emergence of a variety of detection systems, making the experiment more selective. Automated operation improves work efficiency, The reaction is fast, reproducible, sensitive, specific, and clear. With the combination of biochip technology and fluorescent probe quantification technology.

  Advanced temperature control system: membrane heating and semiconductor pump refrigeration technology ensure fast and stable temperature rise and long life of the instrument. The addition of a hot cover ensures that the PCR is free of mineral oil and avoids, pollution caused by human factors.

  Unique instantaneous power-off protection function: After the instantaneous power failure, the instrument can remind the user to continue the test.

  Installation of the blood collection unit module:

  1. Remove the module: Remove the rear air deflector, loosen the fixing pin screw to open the fixing pin, slowly pull out the module, unplug the main unit connector plug from the module, and remove the module.

  2. Install the module: Place the module on the module slot. Connect the main connector to the module, close the module, close the fixing pin and tighten the fixing pin screw, and install the rear air deflector.

  3. Does the power supply match the voltage required by the instrument.

  4. Confirm that the power cord plug is securely plugged into a power outlet.

  5. The power cord is grounded reliably.

Blood Collection Tube

Sterile Vacuum Blood Collection Tube

  Regarding how to properly use the Sterile Vacuum Blood Collection Tube, there is no special description of the blood collection tube storage fluid, and all stages indicate the evaluation activity. Before use, be sure to pay more attention to the blood collection storage fluid activity to be miscible and analyze the sample. In reversed-phase chromatography, such as the use of high concentrations of salts or buffers as eluents, 10% of the first eluent should be used at low concentrations of inorganic phase transitions, otherwise buffering is easily carried out at high concentrations of inorganic salts. Infarct column.

  During the activity phase, the water that is active by chromatography is preferably ultrapure water or all-glass double water is evaporated by using a variety of pure inorganic solvents. If the 0.45μm filter membrane will be filtered once again, it will be better, especially for salt activity. Other container activities and online chromatographic system filter installation requirements should be washed or changed.

  The actual value of the pH value of the silica gel as a matrix bonded phase the filler is 2.0 to 8.0, and the BDS C18 is in the basic category of the basic compound, pH 2.0 - 10.0. If necessary, the pH boundary utility category uses the column, and each time it is used, it is applied to the blood collection tube storage and soluble solvent cleaning with appropriate activities, and replaces all existing activities.

  The sample is cleaned, and the sample filter or sample pretreatment column (SPE) can also be selected to stop pre-treatment of the sample; if the sample is difficult to handle, use the maintenance column. When the sample is analyzed by normal phase chromatography, the solvent, and the sample should be severely dehydrated.