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Why is the one-time Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes popular?

Pulished on Nov. 15, 2019

With the gradual deepening of medical reform, all medical devices have relevant standards. Due to the current number of medical device manufacturers, in order to improve the competitiveness, medical device products are often higher than the industry standard before leaving the factory, so the one-time Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes are the same. Through the unique design, the market is gradually becoming more and more applicable in clinical practice. Why is the disposable vacuum blood collection tube recognized quickly?

Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes

Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes

1, the use of blood collection is wide

The cost-effective disposable vacuum blood collection tube is mainly used for blood sample collection and preservation. It has the advantages of safe sealing, convenient transfer, easy color separation and the like, and is a revolutionary innovation in the traditional blood collection method of the syringe. It is a venous blood collection device for blood tests in medical clinical, health and epidemic prevention, blood station (library), blood prevention and blood disease research and biological products. The one-time use of vacuum blood collection tubes is the consumables used in the newly introduced laboratory. The successful listing of vacuum blood collection tubes will make up for the vacancies in the laboratory, and gradually open up and occupy the market for consumables in the laboratory.

2, high temperature

The inner wall of the tube is made of domestic or imported silicone oil to better prevent the occurrence of blood cell wall hanging. The disposable vacuum tube is resistant to high temperature (not high temperature or special high temperature in the special state). The risk of reduced negative pressure in the tube at the time of export also laid a solid foundation for the life extension of disposable vacuum blood collection tubes. The label flow code adopts the two-line design to facilitate the entry of medical personnel information. At the same time, the disposable vacuum blood collection tube can also customize the hospital logo, especially for private hospitals.

From the manufacturer's point of view, the design of this kind of disposable vacuum blood collection tube is complicated and the production is relatively difficult. In order to improve the production quality, most of the production lines of the whole automatic equipment are selected for production and assembly, so the quality of the product is more secure. Its recognition is closely related to the manufacturer's social responsibility and production capacity.

As a Blood Collection System Supplier, let's talk about blood collection related issues.

The reason why the blood does not flow into the blood collection tube after puncture into the blood vessel and the solution.

1. Blood Collection Needles does not really penetrate the blood vessels, you can first remove the blood collection tube and then re-find the blood vessels for puncture.

2. The needle on the test tube side is not penetrated or buried in the rubber plug and the blood collection tube can continue to be pushed down the bottom of the needle holder and the rubber plug can be penetrated.

3. When the blood vessel wall is thin and the blood flow is relatively insufficient, the needle hole absorbs the blood vessel wall due to the negative pressure of the blood collection tube and the angle of the needle can be slightly changed, and the needle depth can be solved.