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How to choose the Blood Collection Tube production line

Pulished on Nov. 22, 2019

With the increasing demand for vacuum blood collection tubes, the output of blood collection tubes of vacuum blood collection tubes manufacturers is also constantly increasing. Then the problem comes. The previous production equipment for blood collection tubes cannot meet the production requirements. Therefore, How should the blood collection tube manufacturer correctly select the vacuum blood collection tube production line?

Blood Collection Tube

Blood Collection Tube

First, clarify the production of the Blood Collection System Supplier. It is determined that the target has a plan to implement, and the blood collection tube manufacturer can select the blood collection line according to its intended production target.

Second, it is necessary to clarify the process produced by the manufacturer. A set of blood collection tube production line consists of many productions functions, including tube filling, drying, capping, landing, loading, testing, labeling, packaging and other processes, as well as non-standard customized processes according to customer needs. After understanding, you can make a preliminary choice according to the process you need.

Then, according to the final rules of the production of the final blood collection tube products, Blood Collection Tube has a variety of specifications, such as test tubes, caps, rubber stoppers, dosing, plastics and other factors, which determines the final plan of the blood collection tube production line.

A venous lancet is a lancet used to collect blood samples during a medical examination. The lancet at the top is used to puncture the blood vessel, the transparent hose at the end is connected to the tail needle, the tail needle is wrapped by a rubber hose, and the needle cap is used to puncture the vacuum blood collection tube and the blood is sucked by the negative pressure in the test tube. Inside the tube.

The structure of Blood Collection Needles

Blood collection needles are mainly disposable vacuum venous blood collection devices used to collect blood samples during medical examinations. The venous blood collection needle is composed of a needle holder, a joint, a puncture needle, a rubber portion. The vacuum blood collection device includes a vacuum blood collection tube, a blood collection needle (straight needle and scalp type blood collection needle), and a needle holder.

Vacuum blood collection tube is the main component, mainly used for the collection and preservation of blood specimens. The vacuum blood collection tube presents a certain amount of negative pressure during the production process. When the blood collection needle punctures into the blood vessel, the blood automatically flows into the blood collection tube due to the negative pressure inside the blood collection tube; at the same time, various additives are preset in the blood collection tube, completely Able to meet a number of comprehensive blood tests in the clinic.

There are three main methods for using Blood collection needles:

1. See the return of blood, stop the needle

2. See the return to the blood and then enter a little stop

3. According to the difference of individual venous conditions, it can be flexibly grasped (rough, straight, superficial, elastic, good blood vessels, see the needle after a small amount of blood returning to the blood, and the small blood vessels or the blood vessels that are difficult to grasp can be used to see the blood returning.)