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What are some Popular Questions about Blood Collection Needles?

Pulished on Apr. 30, 2020

As a Blood Collection Needle Factory, share with you. There are many mysteries about the blood collection needle, such as why it can collect blood efficiently? This is because its channel is smooth, and the resistance is relatively small during blood collection. After blood collection, it will not cause harm to the body and will not leave obvious scars. The pinholes after normal blood collection will disappear in a very short time, So what are the popular questions about Blood Collection Needles?

Venous Blood Collection Safety Needle

Venous Blood Collection Safety Needle

1. Why use thick lancets when donating blood?

Thick needles don't hurt, and the threshold of this pain is negligible compared to the pain when collecting blood at the fingertips. The reason why the needles used for blood collection needles are thicker than ordinary needles is actually mainly due to physical factors. Because the blood itself is relatively viscous, in order to prevent the red blood cells from being squeezed during the blood donation process and causing hemolysis to cause the blood to be scrapped, or a thin lancet when the blood flows slowly in the lumen, it is easy to cause blood to coagulate in the needle tube The phenomenon affects blood donation. Moreover, the thickness of the widely-accepted blood collection needle has strict regulations, and the general patients can follow the guidance of the hospital.

2. Is the blood collection needle used for blood donation safe?

At present, the reliable blood collection needles, blood bags and consumables used by blood collection and supply institutions are one-time qualified products that have passed the national quality quarantine and are strictly sterilized and sterilized. Strictly implement “one person, one needle and one bag” during blood collection. After the blood collection is completed, the needle is removed on the spot, placed in a unified container and handed over to a special medical waste disposal institution for destruction. There is no possibility of repeated use and cross-infection; The blood donation house is strictly disinfected every day, and the blood collection environment complies with the hygiene standards. The blood collection bag is also opened on the spot, the needle is used to puncture the skin under sterile conditions, and there is no possibility of any secondary infection during the entire process.

Some blood collectors claim that the pain is unstable when using a blood collection needle. For example, sometimes there is almost no pain during blood collection, but sometimes the pain is more obvious when blood collection. Most of the medical personnel have different technical levels, and personal physique and physical changes at different periods or personal emotions have different understandings of pain.

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