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What kind of Design Method is Used in Vacuum Blood Collection Tube?

Pulished on Apr. 24, 2020

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Blood collection and blood tests are relatively common for hospital tests and ordinary people's tests, whether they are used in various medical testing occasions such as daily medical examinations, unpaid blood donation, parent-child matching, etc., so special blood collection tools are required for vacuum collection Blood vessels and lancets are used to draw blood for testing. Vacuum blood collection tubes have different advantages similar to blood collection tubes in terms of effectiveness and safety, so what kind of design method as an innovative type of Vacuum Blood Collection Tube has become a common item in medical treatment.

Sterile Vacuum Blood Collection Tube

Sterile Vacuum Blood Collection Tube

1. Long tube cylindrical

Vacuum blood collection tube adopts a long tube cylindrical design, which has the advantages of being small and easy to carry, which provides a convenient form for a medical environment that requires a wide range of use. Because of a small tube can provide a person's blood information when a large amount of blood is needed, and in a medical environment, such as preventing medical examinations and patient tests, countless blood tubes are collected every day. For the accuracy of each blood, a long tube cylindrical design is adopted to ensure the orderly placement and preservation of blood vessels.

2. The design method of the rubber stopper

The vacuum blood collection tube adopts the design method of the rubber plug port. One is to ensure the health and safety problems at the interface. The sealed interface can reflect the pollution-free form to prevent some pollutants present in the surrounding environment to visualize the blood detection. The second is to be able to work together with the tools that work with it. The vacuum blood collection tube needs to be connected with the blood collection needle. A section of input blood is connected to the blood collection tube through the rubber stopper to keep the blood in the vacuum blood collection tube . To achieve the role of coordination between the two. Which process is good for choosing a blood collection tube depends on how the interface design is analyzed.

Therefore, the design of the vacuum blood collection tube in such a style is not only for the beauty and simplicity of the appearance, but more importantly, its use value and can let the public know some little knowledge of the vacuum blood collection tube. The cylindrical shape of the long tube is for convenient storage when collecting more blood. The design of the rubber stopper port successfully accesses the blood under the condition of ensuring hygienic safety and ensures its safety in a vacuum environment.

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