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What Are the Maintenance Precautions for Blood Collection Tubes?

Pulished on Jul. 02, 2019

As a Medical Checking Tube Factory, we have the following recommendations for the maintenance considerations for the Blood Collection Tube.

1. Symmetrical balance: When the centrifugal speed reaches 1-5 million (rev/min), if the symmetry tube differs by 1 gram and the rotor radius is 5 cm, the centrifugal force formula F=m×RCF

Check the table: 10,000 (rev / min) RCF = 6000 substitution formula F = 1 × 6000 = 6 (Kg)

50,000 (rev / min) RCF = 150000 into the formula F = 1 × 150000 = 150 (Kg)

At this point, the imbalance between the two sides can reach 6-150 (Kg), which is very harmful to the Vacutainer, at least the shortened service life.

2. If the seal of the centrifuge tube is poorly sealed, the liquid cannot be filled up (for high-speed centrifugation and the angle head is used) to prevent spillage. The spillover consequences contaminate the rotor and the centrifugal chamber and lose balance, affecting the normal operation of the sensor

Blood Collection Tube

3. When ultracentrifugation, the liquid must be filled with the centrifuge tube. When it is too far away, the vacuum should be taken. Only when it is full, the deformation of the centrifuge tube can be avoided.

4. Don't forget to cover the rotor cover when using the angle head. If it is not covered, there will be a large eddy current resistance and friction heating in the centrifugal chamber, which is equivalent to adding extra burden to the Blood Collection Tube motor and refrigerator, affecting the Blood Collection Tube.

Maintenance notes:

1. Clean the cavity and rotor and dry the condensate in the chamber.

2. Open the door after use until the chamber returns to normal temperature.