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Characteristics of Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes

Pulished on Jul. 12, 2019

As a Safety Lancets Factory, let's share with you the characteristics of vacuum blood collection tubes.

Safety headgear

◎Select a high-quality synthetic butyl rubber plug, which is very suitable for puncture sampling of the fully automatic analyzer. It has good air tightness, small puncture force, few chipping, no hole blocking, no needle.

◎The special rubber plug configuration reduces the wear of the puncture needle and the life of the puncture needle is more than twice that of the ordinary rubber plug.

◎ Suitable for all kinds of capping centrifuges and cap openers.

◎The color of the head cover conforms to the internationally accepted standards.

2. High-quality pipe

Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes are made of high-quality PET material with stable properties and good air tightness.

◎The inner wall of the PET tube is treated with siliconization, and the surface is extremely smooth, avoiding cell wall hanging.

◎The inner wall adopts biomimetic membrane treatment technology to provide comprehensive and detailed protection scheme for blood cells.

3. Efficient separation glue

◎Using high-quality inert separation glue to interfere with blood physicochemical.

◎After rapid centrifugation, serum samples with clear, transparent and clean layers can be obtained.

◎ High-temperature resistance (45 ° C) and convenient storage for refrigeration, with stable properties, and “oil drop” phenomenon rarely occurs after centrifugation.

◎ γ-irradiation sterilization.

Capillary Blood Collection Tube

4. Quality additives

◎ Use pure imported additives to avoid batch differences.

◎The variety of additives is complete and the shape is diverse. The spray drying technology is mainly used to make the anticoagulation effect uniform, mild and thorough.

◎ Accurate preset vacuum to ensure an accurate ratio of the blood sample to additive.

5. Custom label

◎ Different materials and labels with specific logos can be customized according to the different requirements of customers. Printed prefabricated barcodes are easy to identify and more wear resistant.

◎The tearable label tube and the barcode label tube have been labeled with custom labels before leaving the factory.

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