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What Factors Affect the Blood Collection Efficiency of Blood Collection Needles?

Pulished on Feb. 22, 2020

As a Serum Tube Factory, share with you. When manual blood collection needles are used for blood collection, it is necessary to determine whether the population is suitable for use. If necessary, automated blood collection equipment can be used. Professionals say that the efficiency of blood collection is affected by many factors, such as whether the operator's business is proficient and whether there is Disturbance from external environmental factors? So what factors affect the blood collection efficiency of the critically acclaimed Blood Collection Needles? How to improve efficiency and reduce the difficulty of blood collection?

Blood Collection Safety Lancet

Blood Collection Safety Lancet

1. Blood viscosity

The higher the blood viscosity of the blood donor, the slower the blood flow rate during blood donation. It is recommended to use a reliable blood collection needle to drink water before donating blood. In the premise of expanding blood volume, the number of red blood cells and plasma proteins in the blood are relatively reduced, blood viscosity is reduced, and blood flow in the blood collection needle will be fast. So as to avoid blood donation due to too sticky blood.

2. Blood Donor Emotions

If high tension during blood donation can cause vasoconstriction, blood rheology will naturally slow blood collection speed. It is recommended that you can talk to the blood collection staff during blood donation to divert your attention and relieve tension. The current design of the blood collection needle has also been optimized in shape to ensure efficient blood collection and avoid the fear of blood collection.

3.The thickness of blood vessels

This is an innate individual difference, which can also be changed through exercise the day after tomorrow. Thick blood vessels flow more blood per unit area and the blood flow will be faster, otherwise, the blood flow rate and flow rate will be relatively low. It is recommended to exercise more and exercise more, because the blood vessels have the characteristics of elastic expansion, after the expansion, more blood can be passed to meet the needs of heartbeat and muscle contraction. Therefore, people who exercise regularly or exercise can make blood vessels more elastic, thicker, and use blood collection needles to deliver blood more smoothly.

When using a lancet to draw blood, the relevant personnel should be guided. For example, when the viscosity of the blood is high and the flow rate is slow, try to loosen the fist as much as possible. Simple, but if the blood volume of the special patient is too small, other blood collection equipment should be used, or the experienced staff should use the blood collection needle to draw blood.

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