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What is the Application of Vacuum Blood Collection Tube in Medical Examination?

Pulished on Mar. 02, 2020

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How the Vacuum Blood Collection Tube improves the quality of medical examinations is the core of the current work. In the physical examination, 60% of the medical examination, items come from blood tests. The collection and pretreatment of blood samples directly affect the accuracy and reliability of the test data. A few days ago, our hospital introduced a new type of blood tester, making it more necessary for our nurses to master the application and technology of vacuum blood collection.

Blood Collection Tube

Blood Collection Tube

At present, most medical departments use syringe to collect blood. The method is to first connect the needle and the syringe and then pierce the vein.

Utilizing the negative pressure formed when the needle core is pulled backward, the blood flows into the syringe. After the blood collection is completed, the blood in the syringe is re-injected into the test tube. Because the operator needs to pump the syringe frequently with greater force, the hand will be injured, which will bring some difficulties to the flexibility, speed and accuracy of the operation. At the same time, the pumping, aspiration and transfer of the syringe will cause certain damage to the blood cells and may shorten the storage time of the blood sample. The one-time automatic quantitative vacuum blood collection tube is a combination of a siliconized vacuum blood collection tube and a two-way blood collection needle. Using the principle of vacuum negative pressure, the blood collection tube is drawn into different vacuum degrees in order to achieve the purpose of automatic quantitative measurement. The two procedures of collecting and injecting a syringe are "combined into one". The transparent needle body is convenient for observing blood samples. It is especially suitable for large-scale medical examinations when different amounts of blood are collected for multiple tests. Reducing repeated operations, reducing pain, and ensuring the accuracy of vacuum blood collection.

The vacuum blood collection device consists of a vacuum blood collection tube, a blood collection needle, and a needle holder. The vacuum blood collection tube is an important component of it. It is important for the collection and survival of blood. A certain amount of negative pressure is preset in the production process. After the blood collection needle punctures into the blood vessel, due to the negative pressure in the blood collection tube, blood actively flows in. Inside the blood collection tube; at the same time, various additives are present in the blood collection tube, which can be satisfied with various clinical comprehensive blood testing and transportation.

The activation effect on the blood system is reduced to a minimum, providing an experimental environment closer to the inside of the human body. The color of the vacuum blood collection tube cap is internationally marked, which is easy to identify, select and classify. If more than one tube of blood sample is needed, pull out the puncture needle and pierce it into another blood collection tube, and fix the sleeve properly to prevent mechanical pull injury due to the needle coming out.

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