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Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Operation Process

Pulished on Sep. 19, 2019

As a Serum Tube Factory, we are here today to share with you the operation of the vacuum blood collection tube.

1. Washing slides

The vacuum blood collection tube slide is placed in a mixture of potassium dichromate and concentrated H2SO4 for the purpose of removing the silica gel on the slide, and flattening the uneven surface that is invisible to the naked eye to facilitate tissue adsorption. Then rinse in clean water, remove the remaining potassium dichromate and concentrated H2SO4 (about one hour), then soak the slides next to the alcohol, then put them on the shelf and put them in a 37 ° C incubator. Polylysine is coated on the surface of the slide. Since Lys is positively charged, most of the tissue is negatively charged and then adsorbed.

Capillary Blood Collection Product

Capillary Blood Collection Product

2. Embedding tissue

First participate in some liquid white wax in the iron mold, first cool slightly. Then, the tissue to be embedded is placed on the side of the white wax, and the regularity is placed, and then the plastic mold box is covered. After all, it is involved in a small amount of liquid white wax and is frozen to make the white wax solid.

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