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Factors Influencing Blood Collection and Blood Collection Speed

Pulished on Sep. 04, 2019

As a Serum Tube Factory, let's talk about the factors that influence the amount of blood collected and the speed of blood collection.

1. Factors influencing blood collection and blood collection rate of blood collection tubes:

The amount of disposable Blood Collection Tube collected will vary with the altitude of the sampling site, the atmospheric pressure, the inner diameter of the blood collection needle, and the venous pressure and blood viscosity of the person being bloodied. For various models of the Blood Collection Tube, it is normal for the blood collection tube with a large blood collection rate to be faster than the blood collection tube with a small blood collection amount.

2. Storage temperature:

The Blood Collection Tube has a storage environment temperature of 4-25 °C. If the storage temperature is at 0 ° C or below 0 ° C, it may cause rupture of the blood collection tube.

Blood Collection Tube

Blood Collection Tube

3. Precautions before use:

(1) Do not use foreign matter or sediment in the blood collection tube;

(2) Please do not use blood collection tubes that exceed the expiration date;

(3) The blood collection tube is used once, and should be placed in a special processing container after use, to be destroyed;

(4) During the blood collection, blood analysis, and blood transfer, medical personnel should wear protective equipment such as gloves to prevent blood from splashing or leaking to the body and avoid blood infection.

4. When using a blood collection tube, keep the liquid level in the tube below the puncture point to prevent blood from flowing backward.

Since some negative pressure blood collection tubes contain chemical additives, blood should be prevented from flowing back from the blood collection tubes, resulting in adverse reactions of patients.

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