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What Factors will Affect the Use of Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes?

Pulished on Apr. 13, 2020

As a Blood Collection System Supplier, share with you. Almost everyone has experienced medical treatment, knowing that after going to the hospital you need to do routine blood tests, then you need to use a vacuum blood collection tube to sample and test the patient's blood. Therefore, the quality of blood collection tubes is of paramount importance for blood drawing tests. If the quality of blood collection tube is not good, it will lead to incorrect test results, and even unable to complete the normal blood test tasks. So, what factors affect the use of Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes?

Medical Checking Tubes

Medical Checking Tubes

1. Material factors

For vacuum blood collection tubes, there are two aspects of production materials. One is the materials used for blood collection tubes themselves, needles and blood transfusion materials. If the quality of these materials is not too hard, it will affect the use of blood collection tubes. The other is the anticoagulant in the blood collection tube. Because the blood contains coagulation factors, under normal circumstances, the blood will coagulate quickly and cannot be tested. If the added anticoagulant is very good, then you can avoid pumping Blood coagulated during the blood to test process. Therefore, whether it is the material of the blood collection tube itself or the anticoagulant material will affect the use of the vacuum blood collection tube.

2. Use factors

There are many different types of vacuum blood collection tubes, and the preparations added to these different blood collection tubes are different, so the items that can be tested are also different. If you use a blood collection tube with an inappropriate model in the process of use, Then it will lead to the normal use of blood collection tubes. In addition, whether the sterilization work is done at the time of blood collection and the analytical equipment used in the laboratory, etc., will have a certain impact on the use of vacuum blood collection tubes.

Vacuum blood collection tubes are an indispensable device in the blood test process. Therefore, in order to make it ideal for use, medicine or other laboratories that need to use blood collection tubes should purchase reliable quality vacuum materials from high-quality manufacturers. Use blood collection tubes. In addition, disinfection should be done during the blood collection process, and appropriate types of blood collection tubes should be used to avoid affecting the use of sterile vacuum blood collection tubes.

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