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What are the technical characteristics of Sterile Vacuum Blood Collection Tube?

Pulished on Dec. 14, 2019

It is well known that blood sample collection technology directly determines the safety of subsequent diagnosis and treatment, and the use of a professional Sterile Vacuum Blood Collection Tube for blood sample collection has become a mainstream technology. The high-quality vacuum blood collection tube will undoubtedly improve the subsequent analysis And analysis speed. Based on the analysis of the technical model and the corresponding design structure of the vacuum blood collection tube, it can be found that this unique vacuum blood collection tube also has unique technology.

Medical Checking Tubes

Medical Checking Tubes

1. Use professional additives to ensure the effectiveness of blood collection

It has been observed that blood will rapidly coagulate under the external environment. In order to ensure the accuracy of the laboratory test and the characterization of the blood sample, the quality-assured vacuum blood collection tube uses professional additives to maintain the effectiveness of its own blood collection effect. According to the analysis, it can be found that high-quality vacuum blood collection tubes use anticoagulant buffers and other materials. With this additive, the standardization of blood collection concentration can be effectively guaranteed, and the corresponding blood test results can be accurately obtained during the test.

2. The effect of vacuum sealing guarantees stable blood condition

It is not difficult to know that better stability and professional vacuum effects can make its blood storage more reliable. At present, the credible vacuum inside the blood collection tube can effectively improve the automatic suction effect of blood without the help of other additional devices. The blood pressure can be used to quickly extract blood samples. At the same time, the effect of sterility and pollution-free can be achieved in a vacuum environment, which is better for the preservation of blood samples and subsequent testing.

In short, high-quality vacuum blood collection tubes provide a better basis for today's separated blood collection technology, and high-quality vacuum blood collection tubes can also standardize the corresponding detection blood collection technology, which can effectively improve the quality of relevant test samples. Based on this, it brings more scientific guarantee conditions for the results of subsequent tests. In this regard, the use of this reliable vacuum blood collection tube can undoubtedly make the examination of clinical blood samples safe and effective, and can effectively match various professional detection technologies.

As a Blood Heparin Tube Supplier, I would like to introduce the characteristics and advantages of vacuum blood collection tubes.

1. Production atomization and preset vacuum equipment are imported to ensure the accurate ratio of blood samples and additives, stable quality and reliable data.

2. Siliconization treatment of the product: The silicone oil treated on the inner wall of the test tube is made of purely imported products from the United States, with excellent results and stable performance.

3. The preparation is reasonable and effective, the batch difference is very small, and the variation of the sample before the test is controlled to avoid hemolysis and reduce the risk of error, and do everything possible to make the test result true and effective.

4. According to customer requirements, we can design and produce various labels with different materials and specific identification.

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