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Why is the single use of the Venous Blood Collection Needle widely accepted?

Pulished on Dec. 04, 2019

The development of society has resulted in the change of material. The repeated use of needles and tubes by early people caused some disadvantages. With the emergence of a one-time use of the Venous Blood Collection Needle, the confusion of hygiene and safety has been alleviated. Because disposable items are not used repeatedly after use, it greatly improves the quality of people's survival and the protection of their own physical health.

After the productivity reaches a certain level, some items will be born with the market demand. Blood Collection Needles is the product of this era. There is nothing to set up and set off, but just to adapt to the market, it spreads quickly in all corners of the market. As long as it is suitable for the market, it can develop well, otherwise it will be eliminated. The safe rebound lancets in current single-use venous blood collection needles are now very popular.

1.U-shaped clamping device

The development of single-use venous blood collection needles is also as humane and rational as possible, and the rationality and safety are further improved after the safe rebound blood collection device is used. How to choose a good-effect single-use venous blood collection needle is a concern when buying a blood collection needle. When buying, observe whether there is a spring device installed between the fixed seat and the blood collection needle. It is safer to set up such a device.

Multi Sample Needle

Multi Sample Needle

2.Guide block on the needle seat

The development comes from the acceleration of productivity. Nowadays, as far as possible in the setting of blood collection needles, great efforts have been devoted to the details. Good-quality single-use venous blood collection needles are also very particular about the needle seat. The seat can be well-matched with the ejection, cavity to reduce friction, and this design is also a very good improvement.

3.Cooperation between the guide key and the guide groove

In the development history of single-use venous blood collection needles, the safety rebound blood collection needles have been well adapted to the market. A very good design is to set a guide structure that wants to cooperate with the guide groove. This design to a large extent Some common problems of the guide groove are avoided. Examples include obstructions and stuck blood collection needles.

The emergence of single-use venous blood collection needles has largely freed people from the occurrence of infection. The spread of blood is relatively fast, and disposable items that are in contact with blood are an appropriate choice to relieve people's tension. The mood of people is very good for everyone to feel relieved and reassured when collecting blood, without any worries and confusion, so as to promote the prosperity of society and the further development of production. We also have Multi Sample Needle on sale, welcome to consult.