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What are the Questions About Blood Collection Using Blood Collection Tube?

Pulished on May. 25, 2020

There are many taboos when using Blood Collection Tube, but the collection specifications are mainly controlled by the operator, and there are not too many restrictions for the person being collected. Even so, there are still people who work on the blood collection of vacuum blood collection tubes There are some misunderstandings. The following are questions about the use of plastic vacuum blood collection tubes for blood collection by Serum Tube Factory.

Blood Collection Tube

Blood Collection Tube

1. Can't you drink water before drawing blood?

Use reputable plastic vacuum blood collection tubes to draw blood without deliberately prohibiting water. You can drink a small amount of water on the morning of the blood draw and the night before. When you are thirsty, you can drink a few sips of water each time. As long as it is not drunk, drinking a few hundred milliliters at a time will not affect the collection, because after drinking water can be discharged through the urine, plastic blood collection tube will not collect blood because of whether to drink And increase the difficulty of collection.

2. Do you lose blood by drawing blood?

When using a plastic vacuum blood collection tube to draw blood, some people will ask the medical staff that their menstrual flow is usually more pale and pale. Will this type of plastic vacuum blood collection tube be more anaemic? Do you need blood supplement? Although it looks more when drawing blood, the plastic vacuum blood collection tube is in milliliters. The general physical examination is not enough to cause physical injury. The normal human body has an average of thousands of milliliters of blood, and it will automatically regenerate, so the plastic vacuum blood collection tube is used to draw blood. No special supplementation is needed after blood, and it will recover quickly.

3. Do you fast before drawing blood?

The future development of plastic vacuum blood collection tubes is unstoppable, fasting in the morning and night before blood drawing, avoid drinking a lot of alcohol before collecting blood, the alcohol content in the blood will directly lead to an increase or decrease in results; blood test for blood lipids Do not eat foods that are too high in fat, such as shabu-shabu, pork meat, etc .; eat less eggs before checking cholesterol, which will affect the blood components and cause "misjudgment".

Although the use of Evacuated Blood Collection Tube for blood collection is not too contraindicated, it is not advisable to do too vigorous exercise the night before blood collection, because the relevant experimental data proves that excessive fatigue may have a slight impact on the test results For example, there may be an increase in white blood cells after overwork, so everyone must improve their knowledge of plastic vacuum blood collection tubes.