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What are the benefits of using Blood Collection Needles?

Pulished on Jan. 17, 2020

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A variety of blood collection needles are used in a large number of medical institutions. The specifications of this type of blood collection equipment are different, but they need to be produced and formulated according to actual conditions. Although it has become the standard for medical institutions, for most people It is not understood, and many people even think that it is no different from ordinary medical needles. In fact, the extensive use of Blood Collection Needles provides many benefits and conveniences for epidemiological investigations and clinical medical treatment.

Blood Collection Needles

Blood Collection Needles

1.Reduce blood collection time

After using the blood collection needle, the blood samples are sent out in a timely manner, and the results of the blood samples are distributed in a timely manner, which provides accurate and reliable evidence for clinical diagnosis and treatment, and plays an important role in the rescue of critically ill patients. Nursing patients with severe illnesses pay more attention to protecting blood vessels. You can alternately draw blood from the radial artery, brachial artery, dorsal foot artery, and femoral artery to avoid repeated puncture at the same site.

2.The high puncture success rate

In clinical nursing work, the chances of nurses using blood collection needles and scalp needles for vascular puncture are much higher than those of using needle punctures. Therefore, the habitual influence has an impact on the success rate of a one-time puncture. The well-accepted lancet is easy to insert and easy to move.

3.High arterial blood resolution

Due to its good airtightness and small pipe diameter, the blood collection needle can see the fluctuating blood and blood color in the plastic tube when the needle enters the blood vessel wall. A needle is very versatile, and critically ill patients often not only collect blood gas analysis samples, but also other blood samples. Existing data show that arterial blood can replace venous blood for various blood tests. Traditional blood collection requires at least two punctures of blood vessels, but using a reliable blood collection needle for blood collection significantly reduces the number of blood collections, reduces patient pain, and improves work efficiency.

However, for some obese people or some people with organ diseases that cause systemic edema, pay more attention when using blood collection needles. It is difficult to perform femoral artery puncture, so the operator is required to have certain practical experience and technical experience. The use of this type of blood collection equipment must be disinfected in advance and the blood collection operation must be performed after the blood collection environment is satisfied. Do not omit or skip the steps in advance.

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