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Intelligent Blood Collection Management System

Intelligent Blood Collection Management System


The intelligent blood collection management system is a laboratory pre-analysis management system integrating intelligent labeling module, queuing management module, sample transmission module and blood collection workbench. The system is centered on management and is carried out around the blood collection work.It mainly manages people, objects (samples), information and work, and establishes corresponding specifications.

product details

Product Features:

1) Humanization:

10" touch screen, interface operation is convenient and efficient;

The primary and subsidiary functions are separately showing in multi-tasking interface with emphasis lead to simple operation;

Pop-up happens when incorrect operation is detected to help medical staff correct the operation;

A variety of interface solutions meet the requirement of different hospital blood collection process: Tube loading clip makes it easy to reload tubes.

2) Standardization:

Height and location of barcode meet the requirement of lab analyzer and equipment.

Visible area is standard.

All brand tubes are compatible.

3) Intelligent:

Automatic tube selection and labeling;

Automatic item combination and distribution.

4) Informatization:

Info access by barcode scanning, or card reading, and etc.

Info communication with other HIS/LIS system are available.

Info management, such as authority management, previous data enquiry/statistic/analysis are available.


Dropping methodGravity drop tube structure
power supply100V/220V±22V;frequency: 50H-60Hz
Equipment size496mm(L)×294mm(W)×664mm(H)
Screen10寸: 10 "Resolution1280*800,Resistive touch screen
Efficiency4 Sec/tube
Tube applicable13*75/13*100( Cap OD: 16±1mm)
Tube capacityThe maximum storage tube type is 8 kinds, and 168 tubes are stored. Can be installed at any time without affecting normal printing
storage2G memory,64G solid state drive,Windows 7 operating system
interface4*USB2.0 interface、2*RTL8111E RJ45 Gigabit network interface (optional wireless WIFI)、1* audio output interface、1*HDMI HD output interface
InternetWired Ethernet (wireless: optional)
printingThermal printing
Print resolution203DPI×203DPI
Print moduleDual printer module that supports shaped containers (such as urine, toilets, cassettes, etc.) and receipts for label printing.
Paper typeThermal label paper
Tube capacity8 channels * 21
Labeling time3.5 seconds / tube
Tube applicable13*75/13*100( Cap OD: 16±1mm)
Bar code typeCODE39, CODE93, CODE128, CODABAR and other barcode types
Info accessScanner/card reader